One of the more unique projects recently at JBY was swapping a standard rigged Baltic 55 spar’s with a used Swan 56 mainsail furling mast & boom ….. At first the notion seemed highly implausible, but after some quick measurements & comparisons it almost seemed possible; after we drafted the engineering department at Hall Spars to review the concept, it became evident that it could be done.

Every piece of hardware, angle, and alignment of this re-rig had to be considered; from the mast step, wiring, deck collar, halyard exits, chainplates & spreader dimensions, boom length & mainsheet attachment, fitting new hydraulic furling power-pack, details almost too numerous to list. For additional safety the rod rigging was replaced entirely and the spars media-blasted down to bare alloy, re-inspected, then re-painted.  Mainsail is now deployed very easily & reliably…. push-button style.

Over the years Belle Aurore has also had her teak decks replaced, topsides painted, batteries replaced, stern-thruster fitted, mechanical upgrades & services also too numerous to list.