JBY’s mechanical department offers full service troubleshooting, repair, and installation on a variety of mechanical systems including engines, running gear, generators, battery & charging systems, electrical “de-bugging,” heating, refrigeration & air-conditioning, plumbing, sanitation systems, stove systems, steering systems ……..just to name a few.

To stay on top of the latest technology and recommended service techniques, all of our mechanical staff regularly attends training seminars for most of the above-mentioned systems.

To help prevent “more-major” repairs, our technicians are quick to identify scheduled maintenance tasks to keep your systems running smoothly. We subscribe to the fact that keeping with a preventative maintenance schedule is vital for preventing failure during the boating season. If you are unfortunate enough to experience mechanical problems during the season, our technicians are familiar with and can source almost any foreign, custom, or rare part needed in timely manner so as not to lose valuable time on the water.

Our Specialities

  • Identification of scheduled maintenance
  • Main engine and generator re-powers
  • Running gear service & replacement
  • Fuel system cleaning & repairs
  • Upgraded AGM battery & various charging systems
  • Electrical system troubleshoot and repair
  • Steering system repairs
  • Refrigeration & Air-conditioning installation & repair
  • Heating systems repair
  • Watermaker services
  • Sanitation & holding tank systems

Manufactures regularly used by JBY:

Engine repowering
Destiny new engine
steering systems repairs and maintenance
Steering systems repairs and maintenance
electrical diagnosis and repair
Electrical diagnosis and repair
Scheduled mechanical maintenance
Scheduled mechanical maintenance