Our storage services provide for your every need. We offer inside & outside storage on a seasonal or year-round basis for boats up to 65′.

Haul /Launch Services

We provide a full range of haul out services for boats up to 65 ‘, through a combination of our Marine railway, Brownell submersible trailer and Travellift. Following are our rates:

Boats less than 45′

Short Haul (Stay on rail): $15.00/ft
Haul, Wash, Block, & Launch $19.50/ft

Boats 45′ – 60′

Short Haul (Stay on rail): $19.00/ft
Haul, Wash, Block, & Launch $24.00/ft

Boats 60’+

Short Haul (Stay on rail): $22.00/ft
Haul, Wash, Block, & Launch: $27.00/ft

Winter Storage Rates:

Inside: $13.60 x sq. ft
Outside: $56.00/ft with rig removed,
$60.00/ft with rig in

Summer Storage Rates:

Inside: $8.00/sq. ft
Outside: $50.00/ft LOA

Unstep/Store/Step Rig:

$37.00 x Rig Length (LOA < 25′)  $47 x Rig Length (LOA 26′ to 45′)  $51.00 x Rig Length (LOA > 45′)

Rates do not include charges to winterize/commission mechanical systems, paint bottom, etc. Contact JBY for a complete list of winter storage services.

For more information and updated rates contact us via e-mail or call us at 401-423-0600

hauling and launching
Hauling and launching