“We just purchased this lovey Wasque 32, and would really like you guys to paint the hull red.”

No problem, except……bad news is that there is absolutely no sense of doing this unless you replace both your rub & toe rails as they are pretty tired and their fasteners beneath are and will continue to bleed corrosion on the new paint, not a small task, but needs to be addressed.   So we do those……

By the way, there are some areas of rot on the cabinhouse……gotta deal with that and after we are done, how about painting everything north of the new toerails? Will look pretty good…….so we tackle those as well.

Engine & machinery……operated OK @ test-run, but there appears to be some tell-tale signs that she needs more than some scheduled service before you have a minor failure, which inevitably leads to bigger problems.   Went thru and cleaned-out and/or replaced many components on the cooling & exhaust sides of the engine; so happy with that, ran thru bilges bow to stern cleaning identifying and basically cleaning many little problemed areas.

In the end, Kerry P was launched early, runs smoothly, and is an absolute “head-turner” cruising thru Newport, the Bay, and near-by Islands.