JBY riggers’ experience, from the thrill of sailing in the “Glory-days” of the Twelve Meters to delivering yachts across thousands of ocean miles, demonstrate their vast knowledge and ability to work on all types of equipment regardless of age or manufacturer.

We feel that a secure rig aloft and well serviced deck equipment should be the number one safety concern for all sailing craft.

Winter servicing, identifying & curbing corrosion on winches, furlers, mast & deck hardware, hydraulic components, standing & running rigging, & lifeline inspection mitigates the chances of failure at sea…… or less dramatically enhances your enjoyment of sailing.

If rigging service is needed during the sailing season, we have a fast turnaround rate, so as not to lose valuable time on the water. We carry a large supply of spare parts for new and aging systems, and have very good access to larger “non-shelf” items.

Routine services performed by our rigging department:

  • Unstepping & stepping, detailed inspections/surveys.
  • Standing rigging replacement, rod and wire.
  • Running rigging replacement, basic cordage to high-tech.
  • Furling systems, repairs and replacement.
  • Mainsail slider systems installations.
  • Winch servicing.
  • Lifeline replacement, stanchion repairs
  • Hydraulic component service.
  • Custom deck layouts, traveler and other sail control systems designed and installed.
  • Spinnaker pole servicing.

Manufactures regularly used by JBY:

if you have additional questions; contact us at jby@jby.com, or call the office:

Standing Rigging Maintenance
Standing Rigging Maintenance